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Difficulty Level Notes Combo Score
Easy 5 299 564 383893
Normal 6.5 510 1147 541691
Hard 9 491 1169 737475
Expert 11 697 1041 1052572

Unlock Information Edit

  • Easy, Normal and Hard unlocked by default.
  • Expert unlocked by achieving 4 stars on Hard.

Limit Break Edit

Normal (-368) Edit

  • This isn't a limit break, but you can potentially lose 368 points through multiplier mechanics.
  • If you hit the first x10 note on the early side (before the hold combo hits 9), you'll get a 2x multipler instead of 3x.
  • The timing is so marginal that it's both easy to do accidentally, and easy to avoid. Just make sure the score is 1869 after the x10 note.

Trivia Edit

  • Aoba is one of the winners of the Show Me Your World 2019 contest. It was released on November 8 2019.
  • The song was released earlier than planned. ARForest was called up for mandatory military service in Korea, putting his music career on hold, and Sta added Aoba to Tone Sphere in the week leading up to him leaving to cheer him on.
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