Weirs & Trin Edit

Weirs cutscene
Trin cutscene
Weirs and Trin are the protagonists of Tone Sphere. They meet when Weirs appears in a mirror in a lonely Trin's castle room, and leads her on an adventure.

Neuman Edit

Neuman cutscene
Neuman calls himself the warden of cosmos, but Weirs and Trin consider him to be more of a garbageman, much to his annoyance. When they meet him, he entreats them to bring Damsel to him in order to save the malfunctioning Darksphere.

Damsel Edit

Damsel cutscene
The source of a glitch spreading through Darksphere, Damsel was once close to the creator of the universe. She was left behind when she abandoned her creation.

Opto-sensei XXVI Edit

Opto-sensei cutscene
Opto-sensei acts as a guide to Weirs and Trin as they explore the Tone Sphere universe. May or may not be the first beagle in space.

Derrida Edit

Derrida cutscene
Derrida is De-r-ri-da.

Endu Edit

Endu cutscene
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