"Do not enter. Only for those thought Solarsphere was piecey cakey. (Hardcore)"

The fourth episode of the game, Darksphere XXXL is the Hard/Expert version of Darksphere (as Solarsphere is to Press/Start).

The Sphere Map can be viewed from this chapter as well.

Song ListEdit

Songs in italics must be unlocked through Sphere Map.

Song Artist Difficulty Rate Graphic Artist
BEAKER (roop remix) FROL Hard 6
Want U Shirobon Hard 6.5
bumblebee bazooka nanobii Hard 7
Afterdark Sta Hard 7 Sta
Hikari (A Light) THB Hard 7.5
ShadyShady Sakuzyo Hard 7.5
Hall of Mirrors Sta Hard 8 Sta
Our Eternal September Sta Hard 8
☆A Breeze of Spring Blossoms☆ #Nekoko14 Hard 8
Chrono Joust Sta Hard 8.5 Sta
Abrupt Decay cybermiso Hard 8.5
When We Dream Senpi ft. Tommy Pedrini Hard 8.5
MIDNIGHT Sanaas & you feat. el Hard 8.5
Astra walkthrough paraoka Hard 9
BEAKER (roop remix) FROL Expert 9
Ultimatecalifragilisticexpialidocious t+pazolite Hard 9
Want U Shirobon Expert 9
Crossover (sta's Red Plateau mix) the liquid movement Spherical 9 NC Teikoku
Hikari (A Light) THB Expert 9.5
bumblebee bazooka nanobii Expert 9.5
CFD cybermiso Hard 9.5
FLOAT MIND Takahiro Eguchi feat. lily-an Spherical 9.5 Naru Nanao
Tiferet xi + Sta Hard 9.5 Sta
Jack-the-Ripper◆ UK Rampage (composed by sasakure.UK) Hard 9.5
Fracture Ray (pt. St-Zy) Sakuzyo Hard 10 cierra
Afterdark Sta Expert 10 Sta
ShadyShady Sakuzyo Expert 10
Our Eternal September Sta Expert 10
Conway's Child Sta Hard 10
Imaginary Friends (Album Mix) Sta Spherical 10 Sta
Chrono Joust Sta Expert 10.5 Sta
When We Dream Senpi ft. Tommy Pedrini Expert 10.5
Ninth (LotG Mix) Sta Spherical 10.5
MIDNIGHT Sanaas & you feat. el Expert 10.5
Hall of Mirrors Sta Expert 11 Sta
Abrupt Decay cybermiso Expert 11
☆A Breeze of Spring Blossoms☆ #Nekoko14 Expert 11
Ultimatecalifragilisticexpialidocious t+pazolite Expert 11
Jack-the-Ripper◆ UK Rampage (composed by sasakure.UK) Expert 11
Finite Sta (Original song by Rion) Spherical 11.5
Astra walkthrough paraoka Expert 11.5
CFD cybermiso Expert 11.5
Fracture Ray (pt. St-Zy) Sakuzyo Expert 11.5 cierra
Tiferet xi + Sta Expert 12 Sta
Conway's Child Sta Expert 12

Unlock DetailsEdit

Sphere Level Song Difficulty
2 Bumblebee bazooka Hard
3 ShadyShady Hard
4 Abrupt Decay Hard
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