Tone Sphere Wiki

Songs in Tone Sphere are split into episodes: collections of charts (levels) organised from easiest to hardest. A song usually has its Easy and Normal levels in one episode and its Hard and Expert levels in another, but this does not always apply to every song.

As of right now there are 8 episodes:

The two Darksphere collections were added version 1.3.1. They also have a story element to them: the Sphere Map, where players unlock comics to learn about Tone Sphere's plot as well as new songs. Sun and Moon was released in version 1.6.0, Empyreal Bon Voyage was released in version 1.7.1, Six Seconds Later was released in version 1.8.0, and Lights Go Round was released in version 1.9.2.

iOS comes with Press/Start, Solarphere, and all Darksphere content under one purchase. Press/Start and Solarsphere are free for Android, with Darksphere being an additional purchase. Sun and Moon, Empyreal Bon Voyage, Six Seconds Later, and Lights Go Round are additional packs that are separate purchases on both versions.

Unbought packs can be previewed before purchase, allowing the player to listen to samples of songs and view any Sphere Maps included in the pack. The Darksphere pack comes with a demo before purchase on Android.