Easy/Normal/Hard/Expert cover art

Floatmind special
Spherical cover art

FLOAT MIND - Takahiro Eguchi feat

FLOAT MIND - Takahiro Eguchi feat.lily-an (Expert Autoplay)

Takahiro Eguchi feat. lily-an - FLOAT MIND (Spherical 9

Takahiro Eguchi feat. lily-an - FLOAT MIND (Spherical 9.5 Autoplay)

Takahiro Eguchi feat. lily-an
Art by Naru Nanao
Difficulty Level Notes Combo Score
Easy 2.5 211 404 245965
Normal 4 295 495 379273
Hard 6 353 546 501772
Expert 8 411 591 660960
6.5 369 904 527692
9.5 529 1096 848880

Unlock InformationEdit

  • Easy and Hard available by default.
  • Normal unlock at Sphere Level 3.
  • Expert unlocked by achieving 4 stars on Hard.
  • Spherical difficulties unlocked in the Sphere Map, at Wolf 359.


  • This song is also in the album "TROPICAL SNOW," as shown in the cover art.
  • FLOAT MIND is the first song in Tone Sphere to have six charts.
  • The Spherical difficulties have a different background animation to the regular difficulties. This animation was then changed again during the Sun and Moon update, adding red and blue background flash effects during the bridge and second chorus.
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