Fracture ray

Fracture Ray (Pt

Fracture Ray (Pt. St-Zy) - Sakuzyo (Expert Autoplay)

Fracture Ray (pt. St-Zy)
Art by cierra
Difficulty Level Notes Combo Score
Easy 5.5 344 630 380446
Normal 7.5 471 800 564418
Hard 10 673 1012 904839
Expert 11.5 807 1209 1221027

Unlock Information Edit

  • Easy, Normal and Hard unlocked in the Sphere Map, at Slash Trash Compactor.
  • Expert unlocked at A Dwell in the Past .
    • The route is not initially obvious - you can jump to the node to the left of Slash Trash Compactor, despite there being no path between them.

Trivia Edit

  • This song is included as a part of a collaboration with Arcaea, and is the first song in Tone Sphere related to a collaboration.
  • This is the only song where its Expert chart must be unlocked separately through Sphere Map.
  • The album art character is the Fracture variant of Arcaea protagonist Hikari.
  • The Normal, Hard and Expert charts have an extra section at the end.
  • This song was also added to Chunithm as part of its seperate collaboration with Arcaea.
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