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Easy/Hard album art

Normal/Expert album art

Zeryoone (Composed by nao) - Hz (Expert Autoplay)

Zeryoone (Composed by nao) - Hz (Expert Autoplay)

zeryoone (Composed by nao")
Difficulty Level Notes Combo Score
Easy 4 454 1030 343404
Normal 6 532 1129 569871*
Hard 8 677 1230 807650
Expert 10.5 903 1417 1276130

Limit Break Edit

⚠️ Score limit breaking could have undesired effects. Please see Scoring#Limit Breaking for more information.

Normal (+506) Edit

  • Hit the third note as early as possible (Great), then immediately hit the second note (Great).
  • Improves second note from P1x to G3x, worsens third note from P1x to G1x. Score after three notes: 1215 → 1721

Trivia Edit

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