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Expert cover art

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La-La-Ru-Too-Ta - Meine Meinung (Expert Autoplay)

La-La-Ru-Too-Ta - Meine Meinung (Expert Autoplay)

Meine Meinung
Art by Sta
Difficulty Level Notes Combo Score
Easy 3 164 279 157378
Normal 4.5 256 336 323478
Hard 6.5 363 480 419010
Expert 9.5 465 641 595824

Unlock InformationEdit

  • Easy and Hard available by default.
  • Normal unlock at Sphere Level 10.
  • Expert unlocked by achieving 4 stars on Hard.


  • This song is also in the albums "AD: HOUSE," "Wonder Crowds," and "ララルトゥタep."
  • Halfway through the song, the chorus begins a half-beat early. Previously the chart would not compensate for this, causing the rest of the chart to have incorrect note colours. The chart was modified on October 28 2019 to fix this.
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