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File:(Tone Sphere - DarkSphere) Abrupt Decay - Cybermiso (Full Song)File:-BMS-STAGER - RasFile:2012.png
File:2012 alt.pngFile:2012 ft. tigerlily (NDK EDIT) - DOT96 (Expert Autoplay)File:2016-10-14 09.49.23-1-.png
File:A Breeze of Spring Blossoms (Darksphere Remastered) - Nekoko14 (Expert Autoplay)File:Abrupt Decay.jpgFile:Abrupt Decay - Cybermiso (Full song).png
File:Abrupt Decay - cybermiso (Expert Autoplay)File:Afterdark.pngFile:Afterdark - Sta (Expert Autoplay)
File:Afterdark alt.pngFile:Aliceblue.jpgFile:Aliceblue.png
File:Aliceblue (Prog. House Remix) - syatten (Expert Autoplay)File:Aliceblue alt.pngFile:Already seen.jpg
File:Already seen - Meine Meinung (Expert Autoplay)File:Altostratus.gifFile:Altostratus.jpg
File:Altostratus (Original Mix) - syatten (Expert Autoplay)File:Altostratus (Original Mix) - syatten Expert (Autoplay)File:Altostratus credit2.png
File:Astra walkthrough - paraoka (Expert Autoplay)File:Astrawalkthrough.pngFile:Astrawalkthrough alt.png
File:BEAKER (roop remix) - FROL (Expert Autoplay)File:Beaker(roop remix).jpgFile:Beaker.png
File:Beaker alt.pngFile:Bumblebee bazooka - nanobii (Expert Autoplay)File:Bumblebeebazooka.png
File:CFD - cybermiso (Expert Autoplay)File:Canopy.pngFile:Canopy alt.png
File:Canopy on the Planet.jpgFile:Canopy on the Planet - Sta (Expert Autoplay)File:Cfd.png
File:Cfd alt.pngFile:Chapter-allsongs.pngFile:Chapter-ds-small.jpg
File:Chroma.jpgFile:Chroma - Sta (Expert Autoplay)File:Chroma 2.png
File:Chroma 3.pngFile:Chroma 4.pngFile:Chroma 5.png
File:Chroma 6.pngFile:Chroma 7.pngFile:Chroma 8.png
File:Chroma 9.pngFile:Chroma thumb.jpgFile:Chrono Joust - Sta (Expert Autoplay)
File:Conflict (Groundbreaking Edit) - siromaru and Cranky (Expert Autoplay)File:Conflict Groundbreaking Edit - siromaru and Cranky (Expert Autoplay)File:Conflict alt.png
File:Conflict alt2.pngFile:Conways child.pngFile:Crossover.jpg
File:CrossoverHard.jpgFile:Crossover (Sta's Red Plateau Rmx) - the liquid movement (Expert Autoplay)File:Crossover (Sta's Red Plateau Rmx) - the liquid movement (Spherical Autoplay)
File:Crossover (sta's Red Plateau mix) - the liquid movement (Expert Autoplay)File:Crossover (sta's Red Plateau mix) - the liquid movement (Spherical Autoplay)File:DEPARTED (2GPS REMIX) - MINIKOMA
File:Damsel cutscene.pngFile:Departed.pngFile:Departed alt.png
File:Du Bist.jpgFile:Du Bist - Call (Expert Autoplay)File:Dubist.gif
File:Eternal september.pngFile:Eternal september alt.pngFile:Example.jpg
File:FLOAT MIND - Takahiro Eguchi feat. lily-an (Spherical Autoplay)File:FLOAT MIND - Takahiro Eguchi feat.lily-an (Expert Autoplay)File:Favicon.ico
File:Finite.jpgFile:Finite.pngFile:Finite - Sta (Original song by Rion) (Expert Autoplay)
File:Finite - Sta (Original song by Rion) (Spherical Autoplay)File:Finite alt.pngFile:Floatmind.png
File:Flugel.jpgFile:Flugel.pngFile:Forum new.gif
File:Fracture Ray (Pt. St-Zy) - Sakuzyo (Expert Autoplay)File:Fracture ray.pngFile:HARD de KONEKO - Cranky (Expert Autoplay)
File:Hall of Mirrors - Sta (Expert Autoplay)File:Hall of mirrors.pngFile:Hall of mirrors alt.png
File:Hall of mirrors lanota 1.pngFile:Hall of mirrors lanota 2.pngFile:Hall of mirrors lanota 3.png
File:Harddekoneko.gifFile:Hello World !! - k-shi (Expert Autoplay)File:Hello world.jpg
File:Helloworld.gifFile:Helloworld alt.pngFile:Hikari (A Light) - THB (Expert Autoplay)
File:IMG 20150703 185250.JPGFile:Image.jpgFile:Imaginary Friends.jpg
File:Imaginary Friends (Album Mix) - Sta (Spherical 10 Autoplay)File:Imaginary Friends - Sta (Spherical Autoplay)File:Imaginaryfriends.gif
File:Imaginaryfriends alt.pngFile:Imaginaryfriends alt2.pngFile:Instruction 00.png
File:Instruction 01.pngFile:Instruction 02.pngFile:Instruction 03.png
File:Janus teaser1.jpgFile:Janus teaser2.jpgFile:Joker preview.jpg
File:Joust.pngFile:Joust alt.pngFile:Kioku.jpg
File:Kioku unconnected - atmbzk (Expert Autoplay)File:LESSON (Autoplay)File:La-La-Ru-Too-Ta - Meine Meinung (Expert Autoplay)
File:Lalarutoota.pngFile:Lalarutoota alt.pngFile:Lalarutoota alt2.png
File:Le Petit Prince - cubesato and sweez and hsgn (Hard Autoplay)File:Lepetitprince.gifFile:Light.png
File:Linear Accelerator.jpgFile:Linear Accelerator - The Shaft (Spherical Autoplay)File:Linear accelerator.png
File:Linear accelerator alt.pngFile:Lovesick.pngFile:Lovesick (Sta's Xyzzy mix) - the liquid movement (Expert Autoplay)
File:MIDNIGHT teaser.jpgFile:MapNode.svgFile:Middle.gif
File:Middle - suzumetune (Expert Autoplay)File:Negator.pngFile:Negator - SABREMISSILE (Expert Autoplay)
File:Negator alt.gifFile:Neuman cutscene.pngFile:Ninth.png
File:Ninth (Chronometric Re-production) - Sta (Expert Autoplay)File:Ninth (Light on the Glass Mix).jpgFile:Ninth alt.png
File:Noiseproof.gifFile:Noiseproof cybermiso preview.jpgFile:Open Your Eyes (Original Mix) - Banvox feat. core mc (Expert Autoplay)
File:Openyoureyes alt.pngFile:Openyoureyes alt2.pngFile:Opto-sensei cutscene.png
File:Otome special.pngFile:Our Eternal September - StaFile:Out of your love (Exhaust Mix) - RANDO (Song by Kate Lesing Janardana) (Expert Autoplay)
File:Outofyourlove.pngFile:Outofyourlove alt.pngFile:Pineapple spaceship.png
File:Pineapple spaceship - nanobii (Expert Autoplay)File:Positive dance "Final RAVE".jpgFile:Positive dance "Final RAVE" - Cranky (Expert Autoplay)
File:Positivedance.pngFile:Positivedance alt.pngFile:Ray.png
File:Ray (roop remix) - roop loves THB (Expert Autoplay)File:Ray alt.gifFile:STAGER.jpg
File:STAGER (ALL STAGE CLEAR) - Ras (Expert Autoplay)File:STAGER (ALL STAGE CLEAR) - Ras Expert (Autoplay)File:STAGER (All Stage Clear) - BOF2013 BGA
File:Sakuranamiki.pngFile:Sakuranamiki alt.pngFile:ShadyShady - Sakuzyo (Expert Autoplay)
File:Shadyshady.pngFile:Shadyshady alt.pngFile:Sofa1.png
File:Sofa2.pngFile:Souten.gifFile:Souten alt.gif
File:SpinAngularMomentum.pngFile:Spin Angular Momentum!!! - Sta (Autoplay)File:Sta.jpg
File:Stager alt.pngFile:Stager alt2.pngFile:Summerghost.png
File:Summerghost (fb-edit) - paraoka (Expert Autoplay)File:Summerghost alt.pngFile:Sweets Holic - Yamajet feat. haru'ama'nya (Expert Autoplay)
File:Sweetsholic.pngFile:Sweetsholic alt.pngFile:Tales of Spoof - Meine Meinung (Hard Autoplay)
File:Talesofspoof.gifFile:Tiferet.pngFile:Tiferet - xi + Sta Expert (Autoplay)
File:Tiferet - xi and Sta (Spherical Autoplay)File:Tiferet - xi plus Sta (Expert Autoplay)File:Tiferet tomato.png
File:Title.pngFile:Title2.pngFile:Title logo.png
File:Titlet.pngFile:Tone Sphere Aliceblue (Progressive House Remix) - syattenFile:Tone Sphere Aliceblue (Progressive House Remix) - syatten-0
File:Tone Sphere Aliceblue (Progressive House Remix) - syatten-1File:Tone Sphere Aliceblue (Progressive House Remix) - syatten-1464366012File:Tone Sphere Aliceblue (Progressive House Remix) - syatten-2
File:Tone Sphere Aliceblue (Progressive House Remix) - syatten-3File:Tone Sphere Altostratus (Original Mix) - syattenFile:Tone Sphere Altostratus (Original Mix) - syatten-0
File:Tone Sphere Chroma (千のクロマ) - Sta (Full Version)File:Tone Sphere Chroma (千のクロマ) - Sta (Full Version)-0File:Tone Sphere Chroma (千のクロマ) - Sta (Full Version)-1
File:Tone Sphere Chroma (千のクロマ) - Sta (Full Version)-2File:Tone Sphere Cranky - positive dance -Final RAVE-File:Tone Sphere Cranky - positive dance -Final RAVE--0
File:Tone Sphere Crossover (sta's Red Plateau mix) - the liquid movementFile:Tone Sphere Crossover (sta's Red Plateau mix) - the liquid movement-0File:Tone Sphere Du Bist - Call
File:Tone Sphere FLOAT MIND - Takahiro Eguchi feat. lily anFile:Tone Sphere Finite (Slipstream Mix) - RionFile:Tone Sphere Finite (Slipstream Mix) - Rion-0
File:Tone Sphere Flugel - CrankyFile:Tone Sphere Flugel - Cranky-0File:Tone Sphere HARD de KONEKO - Cranky
File:Tone Sphere HARD de KONEKO - Cranky-0File:Tone Sphere Hello World !! - k-shiFile:Tone Sphere Imaginary Friends - Sta
File:Tone Sphere Linear Accelerator - The ShaftFile:Tone Sphere Lovesick (sta's Xyzzy mix) - the liquid movementFile:Tone Sphere Meine Meinung - Souten (sta's Key-Kai mix)
File:Tone Sphere Meine Meinung - Souten (sta's Key-Kai mix)-0File:Tone Sphere Meine Meinung - Tales of SpoofFile:Tone Sphere Meine Meinung - Tales of Spoof-0
File:Tone Sphere Middle - suzumetuneFile:Tone Sphere Negator - SABREMISSILEFile:Tone Sphere Negator - SABREMISSILE-0
File:Tone Sphere Ninth (Light on the Glass mix) - StaFile:Tone Sphere Ninth (Light on the Glass mix) - Sta-0File:Tone Sphere Ninth (Light on the Glass mix) - Sta-1
File:Tone Sphere Noiseproof - staFile:Tone Sphere Otome - suzumetuneFile:Tone Sphere Otome - suzumetune-0
File:Tone Sphere Spin-Angular-Momentum!!! 546kFile:Tone Sphere UFD - cybermisoFile:Tone Sphere Video Game - THB
File:Tone Sphere already seen - Meine MeinungFile:Tone Sphere already seen - Meine Meinung-0File:Tone Sphere already seen - Meine Meinung-1
File:Tone Sphere conflict (Groundbreaking Edit) - siromaru Cranky (Full Version)File:Tone Sphere fether remixed by hapinano - twinklesky -2011 ULTRA HC STYLE-File:Tone Sphere kioku (unconnected) - atmbzk
File:Tone Sphere kioku (unconnected) - atmbzk-0File:Tone Sphere ninth (Chronometric Re production) - staFile:Tone Sphere ninth (Chronometric Re production) - sta-0
File:Trin.pngFile:Trin cutscene.pngFile:Twinklesky.png
File:Twinklesky -2011 ULTRA HC STYLE- - fether remixed by hapinano (Expert Autoplay)File:UFD.jpgFile:UFDBest.jpg
File:Uced.pngFile:Uced alt.pngFile:Ufd.gif
File:Ufd alt.gifFile:Ufd alt2.pngFile:Unifiedchaos.png
File:Unifiedchaos alt.pngFile:Venetian Staccato - Light On The Glass (Hard Autoplay)File:Venetian staccato.gif
File:Video Game - THB (Expert Autoplay)File:Videogame.pngFile:Videogame alt.png
File:WantU teaser.jpgFile:Weirs.pngFile:Weirs cutscene.png
File:When We Dream - Senpi ft Tommy Pedrini (Expert Autoplay)File:Whenwedream.pngFile:Wiki-background
File:Wiki-wordmark.pngFile:WikiWelcome.pngFile:Wp chroma tablet.jpeg
File:Wp stager tablet.jpg