Normal/Hard cover art

Negator alt
Expert cover art

Negator - SABREMISSILE (Expert Autoplay)

Negator - SABREMISSILE (Expert Autoplay)

Art by Sta
Difficulty Level Notes Combo Score
Normal 5.5 462 600 426527
Hard 7.5 586 752 591971
Expert 10.5 858 1113 804883

Unlock InformationEdit

  • Normal unlocked by achieving 3 stars on any song of equal/higher internal difficulty as ray (Normal) - i.e. ray or any song to the right of it on the song list.
  • Hard available by default.
  • Expert unlock at Sphere Level 17.


  • This song is in the album T/H/E and used the album art for the chart covers until ver.1.2.6.


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