Normal/Hard cover art

Otome special
Spherical cover art

Tone Sphere Otome - suzumetune

Tone Sphere Otome - suzumetune

Art by Salt/Sta
Mode Level Notes Max Combo
Normal 4.5 320 426
Hard 8.5 520 643
Spherical 9.5 560 980

Unlock InformationEdit

  • Normal unlock at Sphere Level 6.
  • Hard unlock at Sphere Level 5.
  • Spherical unlocked by revealing it in the song list, and then playing it once. To reveal it:
    • Wait until (or set the device's system time to) any Sunday, between 12am and 11:59pm.
    • Enter Solarsphere from the episode selection menu.


その体温が当たり前のようで温かくて 全体的に出来ない事に溜息ばかりで
アシンメトリで構わない 出来そこないの天秤

アシンメトリになりたいよ 交わらない平行線 
アシンメトリで構わない 出来そこないの天秤


When I go to meet you, I'm an hour late because I can't figure out what to wear
Then on top of that, it starts raining and it gets even worse
Usually when I'm next to you, the things I want to tell you are endless
Your warmth is so natural to me
I'm always sighing when I can't do the things I want to do
Problems are always solved when you're with me
It's okay if it's asymmetrical, a balance scale in the making

I want to be asymmetrical, parallel lines that don't meet
It's okay if it's asymmetrical, a balance scale in the making




  • This song is also featured in Cytus.
  • This song is in the album "オムレツ."