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STAGER (ALL STAGE CLEAR) - Ras (Expert Autoplay)

STAGER (ALL STAGE CLEAR) - Ras (Expert Autoplay)

Art by Sta
Difficulty Level Notes Combo Score
Easy 2.5 226 391 228172
Normal 4 318 546 371036
Hard 6 436 616 522963
Expert 10 682 1072 960311

Unlock Information Edit

  • Easy and Hard available by default.
  • Normal unlocked at Sphere Level 4.
  • Expert unlocked by achieving 4 stars on Hard.


  • STAGER first appeared in the beatmania simfile competition BMS OF FIGHTERS 2013, where it ranked 3rd by overall score and 1st by median score, out of 435 entries.
  • This song also appears in Chunithm Air, Groove Coaster 3EX and Arcaea [haves (ALL CLEAR) tag in song title] as part of their Tone Sphere collaborations. Also, it appears in CIRCLINK.
    • In Arcaea, these 3 jackets are also appeared in here, which correspond to their respective illustrations in Tone Sphere: Easy → Past, Normal/Hard → Present, Expert → Future.
  • It appears as Track 7 on Disc 3 of the BMS OF FIGHTERS album Groundbreaking -BOF2013 Compilation Album-.

Music Video Edit

STAGER (All Stage Clear) - BOF2013 BGA

STAGER (All Stage Clear) - BOF2013 BGA

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