"If you are a hardcore rhythm gamer, challenge awaits here!"

The second episode of the game, Solarsphere features Hard and Expert charts for the songs introduced in Press/Start. The exception is Flugel, which has Normal and Hard charts in this episode.

Note that due to the feature where charts have the ability to rearrange their order based on average clear rate, the order of this list may become inaccurate from time to time.

Chart listEdit

Chart list is in the order shown in the game.

Song name Artist Diff. Rate GFX Artist
ray (roop remix) roop loves THB Hard 5
Crossover (sta's Red Plateau mix) the liquid movement Hard 5.5 NC Teikoku
Middle suzumetune Hard 5.5

Takahiro Eguchi ​​feat.lily-an

Hard 6 Naru Nanao
already seen Meine Meinung Hard 6 Sta
Lovesick (sta's Xyzzy mix) the liquid movement Hard 6
Aliceblue (Progressive House Remix) syatten Hard 6
WRLDS Sta Hard 6.5 Sta
Altostratus (Original Mix) syatten Hard 6.5
Out of your love (Exhaust Mix) RANDO: (Song by Kate Lesing/ Janardana) Hard 6.5
2012 ft. tigerlily (NDK EDIT) DOT96 Hard 6.5
La-La-Ru-Too-Ta Meine Meinung Hard 6.5
pineapple spaceship nanobii Hard 7
Hello World!! k-shi Hard 7
Imaginary Friends Sta Hard 7
summerghost (fb-edit) paraoka Hard 7
Open Your Eyes (Original Mix) Banvox feat. core mc Hard 7
Du Bist Call Hard 7.5
ray (roop remix) roop loves THB Expert 7.5
HARD de KONEKO Cranky Hard 7.5
Canopy on the Planet Sta Hard 7.5

Positive dance "Final RAVE"

Cranky Hard 7.5
Negator SABREMISSILE Hard 7.5

Takahiro Eguchi feat.lily-an

Expert 8 Naru Nanao
Sweets Holic Yamajet feat.haru*ama*nya Hard 8 Masato Ishiou with The Three Pinchhitter Bros.
Crossover (sta's Red Plateau mix) the liquid movement Expert 8 NC Teikou
Unified Chaos sta Hard 8
already seen Meine Meinung Expert 8 Sta
Chroma Sta Hard 8
Video Game THB Hard 8
Lovesick (sta's Xyzzy mix) the liquid movement Expert 8.5
Altostratus (Original Mix) syatten Expert 8.5
Imaginary Friends Sta Spherical 8.5
pineapple spaceship nanobii Expert 8.5
☆twinklesky☆ -2011 ULTRA HC STYLE- fether remixed by hapinano Hard 8.5 MASATO Ishioh
Le Petit Prince cubesato + sweez + hsgn Hard 8.5 hgsn
otome suzumetune Hard 8.5
Noiseproof Sta Hard 8.5 mashana yuki
Middle suzumetune Expert 8.5
ninth (Chronometric Re-production) Sta Hard 8.5
Souten (Sta's Key-Kai mix) Meine Meinung Hard 8.5 nini
Hello World!! k-shi Expert 9
Venetian Staccato Light on the Glass Hard 9
Aliceblue (Progressive House Remix) syatten Expert 9
conflict [Groundbreaking Edit] siromaru + Cranky Hard 9
2012 ft. tigerlily (NDK EDIT) DOT96 Expert 9
summerghost (fb-edit) paraoka Expert 9
Ninth (Light on the Glass Mix) Sta Spherical 9 Jesulette
Aoba ARForest Hard 9
UFD cybermiso Hard 9 MiRA
Out of your love (Exhaust Mix) RANDO: (Song by Kate Lesing/ Janadana) Expert 9
Open Your Eyes (Original Mix) Banvox feat. core mc Expert 9.5
La-La-Ru-Too-Ta Meine Meinung Expert 9.5
Flugel Cranky Normal 9.5 Folkou
Finite Sta (Original song by Rion) Hard 9.5
Canopy on the Planet Sta Expert 9.5
otome suzumetune Spherical 9.5
HARD de KONEKO Cranky Expert 10
☆twinklesky☆ -2011 ULTRA HC STYLE- fether remixed by hapinano Expert 10 MASATO Ishioh
Linear Accelerator The Shaft Hard 10
WRLDS Sta Expert 10 Sta
STAGER Ras Expert 10
Du Bist Call Expert 10
kioku -unconnected- atmbzk Hard 10
Chroma Sta Expert 10
Unified Chaos Sta Expert 10
positive dance "Final RAVE" Cranky Expert 10
Sweets Holic Yamajet feat.haru*ama*nya Expert 10.5 Masato Ishiou with the Three Pinchitter Bros.
Video Game THB Expert 10.5
Souten (sta's Key-Kai mix) Meine Meinung Expert 10.5 nini
ninth (Chronometric Re-production) Sta Expert 11 SIO
Aoba ARForest Expert 11

Sta (Original song by Rion)

Expert 11
conflict [Groundbreaking Edit] siromaru + Cranky Expert 11
Tales of Spoof Meine Meinung Hard 11
UFD cybermiso Expert 11.5 MiRA
Noiseproof Sta Expert 11.5 mashana yuki
Flugel Cranky Hard 11.5 Folkou
Linear Accelerator The Shaft Expert 12
Linear Accelerator The Shaft Spherical 20
[Spin-Angular-Momentum!!!] Sta Spherical 0

Unlock DetailsEdit

Sphere Level Song Difficulty
2 Middle Hard
2012 Hard
3 Aliceblue Hard
Positive dance Hard
4 Lovesick Hard
5 Altostratus Hard
otome Hard
6 Unified Chaos Hard
twinklesky Hard
7 Hello world! Hard
Noiseproof Hard
8 Le Petit Prince Hard
ninth Hard
9 UFD Hard
10 Venetian Staccato Hard
Video Game Hard
11 Souten Hard
12 Flugel Normal
13 kioku Hard
14 Linear Accelerator Hard
15 twinklesky Expert
16 HARD de KONEKO Expert
17 Negator Expert
18 Souten Expert
19 Video Game Expert
20 Tales of Spoof Hard
21 ninth Expert
22 UFD Expert
23 Noiseproof Expert
24 Flugel Hard
25 Linear Accelerator Expert

The following songs will usually unlock easily without needing to follow instructions:

  • Positive dance (Expert): Achieve at least 3 stars on any song with internal difficulty equal or greater than that of summerghost (Hard) - i.e. summerghost or any song to the right of it on the song list.
  • Finite (Hard) - As above, but for conflict (Hard).

These Spherical songs have unusual unlock requirements:

  • otome [Vortex] - unlocks on Sundays, clear to unlock permanently
  • ninth (Light on the Glass Mix) [999] - unlocks at 9am and 9pm for one hour, clear to unlock permanently
  • Imaginary Friends [Dual Parallel] - turn on Sixth Sense Stealth and enter Solarsphere, clear to unlock permanently (does not need to be cleared with SSStealth on)
  • [Spin-Angular-Momentum!!!] - unlocks on Wednesdays, play to unlock permanently

For any song without an Expert unlock listed here, the Expert difficulty is unlocked by achieving at least 4 stars on that song's Hard difficulty.

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