Here's the page about the facts of this game:
  • Actually, one-hand playing in this game is more easier. There are songs which can practice your one-hand ability.
  • Sta (also known as bit192) also contributed to Rayark's games, such as Cytus and Deemo.
  • In Press/Start, the Normal-leveled song is not Normal. Instead, it displays as "Level"
  • Levels are arranged from least to greatest, regardless of the mode.
  • Spherical songs are special songs. They are just like normal songs, but, they will appear in a specific time or day. Getting 2 stars or above on those songs will unlocked permanently.
    • Spin Angular Momentum does NOT have a level, because you can't achieve a full combo, and that is humanly impossible. Instead, it is placed in the last of the songlist.
  • Sta and Cranky have the most songs in this game, and one of their songs is also one of the hardest songs in Tone Sphere.