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  • Tone Sphere is a mobile music-rhythm game developed by Sta Kousin of Bit192 Labs.
  • The current version (as of July 2020) is 1.9, with the latest update adding the Darksphere song Supersymmetry and the conclusion to the Darksphere Sphere Map.

Available for iOS and Android devices Edit

  • The iOS version of Tone Sphere is available on the iOS App Store for $1.99.
  • The Android version's Press/Solarsphere is free to play from the Google Play Store. Darksphere/XXXL is an in-game purchase for $3.49.
  • Sun and Moon, Empyreal Bon Voyage, and Six Seconds Later are in-game purchases on both versions of the game.
  • All DLC episodes can be purchased at a discount at the Tone Sphere DLC Shop.

Tone Sphere Translation Project Edit

  • We're working to produce a complete translation of the text in Tone Sphere to various languages.
  • If you're fluent in English (and/or Japanese) and another language, we'd appreciate your help! More information here.

Episodes Edit

Chapter-ps-small Press/Start Chapter-ds-small Darksphere Chapter-sm-small Sun and Moon
Chapter-ss-small Solarsphere Chapter-dsxxxl-small Darksphere XXXL Chapter-ebv-small Empyreal Bon Voyage
Six Seconds Later

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What's your favourite song released in the Empyreal Bon Voyage era in 2019?

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