Tone Sphere Translation Project Edit

This is a project to translate the parts of Tone Sphere that are not yet translated in-game. Depending on circumstances, it might be used in a future game update (no guarantees, of course).

If you're fluent in English/Japanese and another language, we'd love you to contribute!

  • Find a page below
  • Click the Edit button on that page
  • Click on the table for a particular line, and click the Translate link that appears (or just double click the table!)
  • Find your language and add the translation
  • Click Apply, and click Save once you're done

Guidelines Edit

When translating for your language, you can use either the English or Japanese reference as a guide, whichever suits the translation best. Or, in some cases (e.g. where there are English/Japanese-specific jokes, idioms or wordplay), you might be able to use something from your own language/culture - Sta's happy with this as long as it fits the Tone Sphere aesthetic.

This is especially true for the captions for Sphere Map locations. Sta already has completely different English and Japanese captions for many of them, so absolutely feel free to take creative liberties here!

Some languages tend to use English terms for some terms and phrases in games, rather than the user's native language. Please try to use the terms that you would expect to see in a translated game.

Where possible you'll be able to see both the English and Japanese text (the originals by Sta) as a reference. Sometimes the two will have different wording, or be completely different - in these cases we'll try to have an English translation of the Japanese version as well. If a line in a particular language is already there, the name of the language will link to a machine translation. Hopefully this will be helpful in some way, but please do not submit machine translations to the wiki!

Also please note that the wiki isn't a fan of this pipe symbol |. If you want to use it, please enter this instead (including the semicolon): |

If your language is not listed, it needs to be added to the main template. If you have any issues, please find us on the Bit192 Labs Discord.

Translations Edit

System Edit

Songs Edit

Sphere Map Locations Edit

Contributors Edit

  • Dimentio Harmonia - French
  • Duaf1xd - Vietnamese
  • gogobmn - standing around looking important
  • Part.lertsakulcharoen - Thai
  • SolarSummit - French
  • Zak - Español
  • gabrielsdea - Portuguese / Brazillian Portuguese
  • AltracasysHC & Dreamwind & Ardy - Simplified Chinese
  • auth - Korean
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