Normal/Hard cover art

Ufd alt
Expert cover art

Ufd alt2
Groove Coaster cover art

Tone Sphere UFD - cybermiso

Tone Sphere UFD - cybermiso

Art by MiRA
Mode Level Notes Max Combo
Normal 7 461 1130
Hard 9 624 1344
Expert 11.5 824 1530

Unlock InformationEdit

  • Normal unlock at Sphere Level 19.
  • Hard unlock at Sphere Level 9.
  • Expert unlock at Sphere Level 22.


  • As of version 1.0.8d, UFD Expert was the highest-rated chart on Tone Sphere.
  • In version 1.1.3 (The Crunch), UFD was re-rated to an 11, due to a high clear rate.
  • This song was released as part of the MIXIM vol.3 DnB compilation album on STRLabel. The cover art of this song uses variants of the album cover.
    • Available as a paid download on bandcamp.
  • This song appears in Groove Coaster as a part of their Tone Sphere collaboration, which uses a different piece of art.