This page documents the version history and changes made to the game. Some of these changes are microupdates

1.0.0 (June 21, 2012)Edit

  • Initial release

1.0.1 (June 29, 2012)Edit

  • New chart: kioku [unconnected] (Normal)
  • Bugfixes
  • Revisions to scoring and hit detection mechanisms
  • Chart fixes
  • Facebook link

1.0.2 (July 12, 2012)Edit

  • Improved response to note touches
  • New hit sound effects

1.0.4 (August 7, 2012)Edit

  • New chart: ☆twinklesky☆ (Hard) (existing Hard chart moved to Expert)
  • Bugfixes
  • New leaderboard for stars for each episode
  • Unlock condition changes
  • Difficulty range expanded from 10 to 11
  • Chart fixes

1.0.5 (October 1, 2012)Edit

  • New charts: Aliceblue, HARD de KONEKO (Easy); Altostratus, Finite, HARD de KONEKO, Negator, Noiseproof, Souten (Hard) (existing Hard charts moved to Expert)
  • Bugfixes
  • Optimization, iPhone 5 compatibility update
  • Individual song leaderboards in-game
  • Twitter integration
  • New rhythm-colored noteskin
  • In-game download functionality for minor updates for charts

This update was pulled from the App Store due to issues regarding failure to boot because of an overloaded server, as a result of the in-game check for updates from the bit192 server on boot. This was rectified with 1.0.5r2 two days later.

1.0.6 (January 12, 2013)Edit

  • iPhone 5 widescreen update
  • Visual update for iPad 4/Mini

1.0.8d (October 2, 2013)Edit

  • New songs: FLOAT MIND, Imaginary Friends, UFD
  • New charts: positive dance (Expert), otome (Spherical)
  • iOS7/iPhone 5S/5C compatibility
  • Graphics engine update
  • Chart fixes
  • Playcount display added

1.0.8e (October 7, 2013)Edit

  • LINE integration implemented
  • Added Pinhole mod
  • Bugfixes

1.1.3 "The Crunch" (November 14, 2014)Edit

  • New songs: Canopy on the Planet, conflict [Groundbreaking Edit], Du Bist, La-La-Ru-Too-Ta, Linear Accelerator, ray (roop remix), summerghost (fb-edit), Sweets Holic
  • New hidden levels: Ninth (Light on the Glass Mix), Spin Angular Momentum
  • New mods: Sixth sense Stealth, Jumbo, Harlem Shake
  • Hold notes are more tolerant when they are accidentally let go of
  • Audio and visual improvements
  • New sound effects
  • Songs no longer restart after push notifications appear
  • Playcount now counts retries

1.1.5 (November 20, 2014)Edit

  • New songs: 2012 ft.tigerlily (NDK EDIT), STAGER (ALL STAGECLEAR)
  • New charts: conflict (Easy), Video Game (Hard), Imaginary Friends (Spherical)
  • New mod: Scroll speed
  • Adds Tiny Record Manager

1.2.6 (October 23, 2015) Edit

  • New songs: Open Your Eyes, pineapple spaceship, Out of your love, Chroma
  • New chart: STAGER (Easy), Aliceblue (Hard), already seen (Hard), Crossover (Hard), Hello World!! (Hard), Lovesick (Hard), Middle (Hard), Unified Chaos (Hard)
    • Old Hard charts of songs receiving new ones are moved to Expert
  • Minor chart changes for Aliceblue (Hard), Crossover (Normal/Expert), Finite (Normal/Hard/Expert), Hello World!! (Normal/Expert), Le Petit Prince (Normal/Hard), Lovesick (Normal/Expert), ninth (Normal/Hard/Expert), otome (Normal/Hard), Souten (Normal/Hard/Expert), Unified Chaos (Normal/Hard) and ☆twinklesky (Normal/Hard/Expert)
    • Finite (Normal)'s max score has changed
  • The free slides in conflict (Normal) are now directional
  • Press/Start's max difficulty level goes up to 7.5, and Solarsphere's max difficulty level goes up to 12
  • Audio has changed for better quality + adjustment
  • New cover art for Aliceblue, Negator, Unified Chaos, and Finite
  • Small changes to cover art of Canopy on the Planet has been made
  • Text of Sweets Holic has changed
  • Background stage of Negator and Canopy on the Planet has been changed
  • Timing of FLOAT MIND and Canopy on the Planet has changed
  • Changes to some charts' note appearance speed has changed
  • Lesson level added
  • Calibration added
  • "Cosmic" explosion theme added
  • About screen added
  • Sphere Rank added; changed unlock methods of charts
  • Added loading images before songs
  • The font of the text showing the song name and artist during gameplay has changed
  • New result screen
  • New mod
  • Translations for Chinese Traditional/Simplified, Korean, French, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Bahasa Indonesia, Filipino and Hungarian languages are added
    • In order to change languages, the chosen language must be set as so on the device

1.3.1 (Darksphere Early Edition) (January 29, 2017) Edit

  • New episodes: Darksphere, Darksphere XXXL
  • New songs: BEAKER, Hall of Mirrors, bumblebee bazooka, Abrupt Decay, ShadyShady, Tiferet
  • Speed mod now goes up to +6
  • Lumina is now earned after finishing a chart
  • Feb. 2, 2017: Spherical charts for Finite added
  • Feb. 15, 2017: Special comments to Japanese score tweets added
  • Apr. 1, 2017: [Tomatet] added

1.4.0 (December 30, 2017) Edit

  • Added Sphere Map, allowing players to use their Lumina
  • New songs: Our Eternal September, Hikari, DEPARTED, Ultimatecalifragilisticexpilaidocious, CFD
  • New charts: Crossover (Spherical)x2, FLOAT MIND (Spherical) x2
  • The amount of Lumina gained has increased
  • Adjusted some level ratings for Press/Start / Solarsphere charts
  • Tapping the Lumina icon multiple times now allows the player to attempt to resend play results
  • [Android] Inserting "usetapse" as a username allows the player to use tap sounds (unstable)
  • [Android] The version number in the top left of the title screen no longer displays "beta" with the included number

1.4.2 (January 2, 2018) Edit

  • [Android] Fixed problem where the game would crash if a negative calibration was used

1.4.6 (July 6, 2018) Edit

  • Added more Sphere Map routes
  • New songs: When We Dream, A Breeze of Spring Blossoms, Chrono Joust, Conway's Child
  • Comics in Sphere Map can now be replayed
  • Changed warning note for those trying to play a song in ep.3/4 without playing any from ep.1/2
  • Inserting "GrimDarkEnds" as a username allows the player to get most ep. 1 and 2 charts
  • The title screen displays "Darksphere Edition" instead of "Darksphere Early Edition"
  • A button to the official Discord was added in the episode select screen

1.4.7 (July 7, 2018) Edit

  • [iOS] Fixed Sphere Map bug where players couldn't access the rest of the map after Chrono Joust
  • [iOS] Fixed Autoplay not working
  • [Android] Fixed problem where the game would try and fail to download .obb files indefinitely, preventing players from being able to enter the game

1.5.1 (September 9, 2018) Edit

  • Added more Sphere Map routes
  • New songs: Afterdark, Fracture Ray
  • [Android] Afterdark and Astra walkthrough can be played without purchasing Darksphere
  • [Android] Autoplay now works
  • Nov. 18, 2018: English score tweets now have an added comment to certain songs
  • Dec. 23, 2018: New song: Imaginary Friends (Album Mix)
  • Over the course of January 2019: Some alterations made to certain charts, including Bumblebee Bazooka
  • Feb. 14, 2019: Microupdate involving calibration, Chroma, and something else??????

1.6.0 (March 4, 2019) Edit

  • Added more Sphere Map routes
  • New episode: Sun and Moon
  • New songs: JOKER, Afterimage, Noiseproof (cybermiso remix), Janus (The End to Begin), Qliphot, Want U, MIDNIGHT
  • New note explosion effects: Sunset, Moonlight

1.6.1 (March 5, 2019) Edit

  • [iOS] Minor crash bug fixed
  • March 9, 2019: [9999] added

1.6.2 (March 11, 2019) Edit

  • [iOS] Made back button slightly easier to hit during gameplay
  • [iOS] Fixed potential crash when IAP is loaded repeatedly

1.6.3 (March 14, 2019) Edit

  • [iOS] Sunset hitskin made slightly larger

1.6.5 (March 25, 2019) Edit

  • [iOS] Slightly renovated the result screen
  • [iOS] Fixed iCloud not working properly
  • [iOS] Fixed "About this game" screen on iPads
  • [iOS] The wholesale arrest of other bugs

1.6.7 (March 29, 2019) Edit

  • [Android] Added cloud save between devices, some changes to result and episode select screens
  • [Android] Fixed miscellaneous glitches
  • April 1, 2019: April Fools chart [Conway's Tomatomania] added

1.6.6 (April 2, 2019) Edit

  • [iOS] In-app cloud sync now available
  • [iOS] Design adjustments

1.6.9 (April 2, 2019) Edit

  • [Android] No more ads!
  • [Android] Design adjustments

1.6.12 (April 22, 2019 - Android), (April 26, 2019 - iOS) Edit

  • Added enhanced language support for Spanish, Simplified + Traditional Chinese and Korean
  • [iOS] 42% more beautiful title screen
  • [iOS] Added mechanism to mitigate unresponsive touch issue at the top left edge of screen when 3D Touch is enabled (disabling 3D touch still recommended)
  • [iOS] Fixed cloud sync importing calibration settings from non-iOS devices
  • [iOS] Other minor fixes

1.7.1 (September 16, 2019) Edit

  • New episode: Empyreal Bon Voyage (IGP)
  • New songs: The Scattering Stars, Hz, R.I.P., F1055, Haunted Dance
  • New Sphere Map for EBV + space warp in DS Sphere Map
  • Added Spherical Report Card in About this Game
  • New hitskin "Flash", unlocked in EBV Sphere Map
  • October 26, 2019: Jack-the-Ripper added
  • October 28, 2019: Added preview for Empyreal Bon Voyage's sphere map, changed note colors for La-La-Ru-Too-Ta's charts, and additional pages for leaderboards
  • November 5th, 2019: Adjusted audio timing for Jack-the-Ripper and Empyreal Bon Voyage songs + various level adjustments
  • November 8th, 2019: Aoba added

1.7.7 (November 21, 2019) Edit

  • Early/Late display now available in the Calibration menu
  • Allow players to redeem codes for discounted DLC

1.7.9 (November 22, 2019) Edit

  • Early note counts are now properly counted in the results screen
  • December 25, 2019: WRLDS added
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