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Difficulty Level Notes Combo Score
Easy 1 135 204 156636
Normal 5 295 534 414216
Hard 6.5 350 607 494001
Expert 10 579 719 864981

 Unlock Information Edit

  • Easy, Normal and Hard available by default.
  • Expert unlocked by achieving 4 stars on Hard.


You're going through the flow
Courier of the voice
In the little world of mine

I wake up but I'm just alone
Where are you now
I really wish I could kiss and say goodbye
To the face of the sky

To follow the wind
To follow the world
To follow your steps in the long lost world
And to sleep in the ocean's bed

You're a blue bird
I can't be like you
I'm just a glued bard
Lonely, bound to the ground

欠けた大地 (Cracked terra)
This is my world
ずっと錆びた銀のアタノール (A silver athanor long rust)
Mayday, I must be drowning

I can't hear your sound
My bodies are rust and bust
I'm just a shattered ground

So lovely and exact
You are flooding my heart
Every moment

僕は砂に溶けゆくかりそめの城の外で風を感じてた (I was feeling the wind outside the fictional castle, about to be buried in the sand)
君の声 (Your voice)
遠く遠く弾けてく (Splits away, far so far)

More than I'd need
Your tears are flooding my seas
And when you're gone
I'd be swallowed by the cold of my world


Trivia Edit

  • On its release, WRLDS' Easy chart replaced already seen's Normal as the easiest-rated song (apart from LESSON) in the game.
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