WantU teaser

Want U - Shirobon (Expert Autoplay)

Want U - Shirobon (Expert Autoplay)

Want U
Art by Sta
Difficulty Level Notes Combo Score
Easy 4 309 553 337782
Normal 5.5 387 703 464142
Hard 6.5 434 795 558019*
Expert 9 480 1350 766665

Unlock Information Edit

  • Easy, Normal and Hard available by default.
  • Expert unlocked by achieving 4 stars on Hard.

Limit Break Edit

⚠️ Score limit breaking could have undesired effects. Please see Scoring#Limit Breaking for more information.

Hard (+405, very easy) Edit

  • This is technically an LB, but it's so easy to do that it's often done accidentally.
  • Hit the second hold a fraction later than normal (the combo counter should say 9 instead of 8 just before you hit it).
  • Improves second hold from P2x to P3x. Score after two holds: 2203 → 2608
  • If you're a little late, you get G3x instead, which is +177.

​Trivia Edit

  • ​Want U was officially announced on January 7 2019​ on Sta's social media channels, and released on March 4 2019 as part of the Sun and Moon update.
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